Remembering Lord Joffe

It is with great regret that we announce the loss of one of our patrons, Lord Joffe, who passed away on the 18 June 2017.

Fighting for Judicial Independence

López Lone et al versus Honduras: fighting for judicial independence in Honduras

Following the visit to the United Kingdom in December 2016 of Adan Guillermo López Lone, UCL Institute of the Americas student Alexandra Nawrat analyses the case of Guillermo Lopez Lone and the situation of the independence of the judiciary in Honduras.

Adan Guillermo Lopez Lone

Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2017

24 January 2017 marked the seventh Day of the Endangered Lawyer. While this year’s focus will be on China, we also want to take this day as an opportunity to highlight the situation for lawyers in the countries where PBI works.

Lawyers challenging those responsible for human rights violations pay an extremely high price - they may have their work obstructed, be followed, watched, harassed, subjected to spurious prosecutions, killed or ‘forcibly disappeared’.

PBI Condemns Murder of Trans Activist in Guatemala

PBI Guatemala condemns the cruel murder of Evelyn Robles, a trans activist found dead on November 18 . Evelyn Robles was accompanied by PBI between 2006 and 2009, due to the threats she faced after having witnessed the extrajudicial execution of Paulina Marrot, another trans activist, in January 2006. Evelyn Robles had identified agents of the National Civil Police as being the authors of this crime, during which she herself was seriously injured. To this day, the murder of Paulina continues in impunity.

PBI UK 35th anniversary conference round-up

Lawyers in Honduras – A High Risk Profession (2016)

The Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2016 highlights situation of risk for lawyers in Honduras

On Friday 22 January protests will take place outside Honduran Embassies and Consulates across Europe in solidarity with Honduran lawyers and human rights activists who are threatened, attacked and killed as a result of their work to defend the rule of law and uphold international human rights.

Lawyer Jorge Molano: Enemy of impunity #PeacePioneers

Lawyer Jorge Molano has taken on high-profile cases against very powerful people in his home country of Colombia. Unfortunately, powerful Colombian criminals often resort to extreme measures to escape justice and both Jorge Molano and people close to him have received death threats due to his human rights work.

One of the cases where Jorge is seeking justice is for the massacre committed against the San José de Apartadó Peace Community in February 2005, when paramilitaries on patrol with soldiers of the 17th Brigade of the Colombian army murdered five adults and three children. The quest for justice has been particularly difficult due to the steps taken to cover up the crimes. 

Soon after the massacre was committed, demobilised soldiers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) claimed that the FARC were responsible for the massacre. The top commander of the Colombian armed forces even used a military map to show that no regular soldiers were in the region where the massacre took place. [1] It later emerged that a colonel had paid the FARC soldiers to lie [2] and that the maps shown by the commander had been altered beforehand. Six of the paramilitaries involved in the massacre have since been murdered,[3] leaving few witnesses who could tell the truth about what happened. 


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