Each day, human rights defenders speak out for the rights of others. And each day they risk their livelihoods, their liberty and in many cases their lives. Globally, attacks, abductions, and even assassinations are all on the increase; last year was the deadliest on record.

PBI defends the defenders. On the ground we provide direct protection and support, to keep defenders alive and help their activism thrive. Our international volunteers accompany at-risk activists and communties, standing shoulder to shoulder with them in a display of solidarity that deters violent attacks. In addition, unlike other organisations in this space, we also provide longer-term support - from security monitoring and psychological assistance, to communications and capacity-building training.

PBI also provides protection through our advocacy work. We are one of the only organisations that can advocate at all levels - from the soldier at a local checkpoint to the leaders of the UN. Our activities help create the right security, policy and political environments in which defenders can carry out their work.

Through the work of country groups such as PBI UK, we build networks that can be mobilised at a short notice to provide much-needed support. We provide defenders with a platform they otherwise would not have, to amplify their voices, ensuring that their calls for rights and freedoms are heard by those who can make a difference. Finally, we shine a spotlight on these hidden heroes that sends a powerful message to defenders: you are not alone. And to those who would attack them: the eyes of the world are watching, and your actions will have consequences.