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Human rights defenders are fundamental to the rule of law.

Fair, equitable and universally applied law is the bedrock of peaceful states and societies. It aspires to resolve disputes justly and non-violently, and provide a means by which the vulnerable can defend their rights against the encroachments of the powerful.

Human rights defenders are crucial to ensure that the law lives up to this ideal. They are the people campaigning for fairer laws, challenging impunity, and working to provide access to the legal system for the most marginalised social groups.

They are the people building the architecture of peaceful societies.

These defenders may be legal professionals such as lawyers and judges, but also campaigners, researchers and educators. While some are forced into this work by circumstance, for others it is a vocation. In many countries, these heroic individuals assume huge risks, as their work poses a direct challenge those who would prefer to see the system rigged in their favour.

For November, our Shoulder to Shoulder campaign offers a glimpse into the reality of those who dedicate their life and work to defending human rights for all.

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