Alejandro Cerezo Contreras, member of the Cerezo Committee and coordinator of Urgent Action for Human Rights Defenders (ACUDDEH for its initials in Spanish), has been awarded the 2012 Aachen Peace Prize. The award recognises Alejandro’s work for human rights and the achievements of the Cerezo Committee.

Following the arrest of Alejandro, Hector and Antonio Cerezo Contreras in Mexico City in 2001, their siblings, Francisco and Emiliana, founded the Cerezo Committee. They were subjected to severe harassment and threats in the course of their struggle to have their brothers released. PBI began accompanying them in 2002.

Alejandro was absolved of all charges and released in 2005. Hector and Antonio completed their sentences and were released in 2009.

Since it began, the Cerezo Committee has been documenting and raising awareness of the human rights situation in Mexico. The Aachener Friedenspreis (Aachen Peace Prize) was created in 1988, to recognise the work of individuals and organisations promoting understanding among people and individuals, as well as building trust and peace.

The prize will be presented to Alejandro Cerezo on 1 September.