Giving Voice to the Earth The Environment and its Defenders under Threat: deforestation, megaprojects and human rights  in Latin America, Africa and Asia

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Environmental destruction and human rights abuse are inextricably linked.  As we face unprecedented global challenges from climate change and loss of biodiversity, the work of environmental human rights defenders is assuming ever greater importance and urgency.

This conference, organised by Peace Brigades International UK, explored threats to biodiversity presented by deforestation, pollution and mono-crop cultivation and the risks that environmental human rights defenders face. We identified the links between these threats and the violation of human rights, as well as the role played by European and other international economic interests.

Local environmental human rights defenders presented specific cases of environmental destruction and human rights violations, and their impact on indigenous groups. The cases included:

•    Palm oil and logging in Colombia
•    Mining in Guatemala
•    Transnational extractive industries in Papua.

Members of parliament, Academics and International NGOs working in the fields of human rights and the environment also contributed to the debate.

The conference was a great success, with a wide range of stimulating and informative speakers, and PBI UK would like to say thank you to them all. 

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Download an article by Baroness Miller on the plight of rare creatures and biodiversity. 

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