The Alliance for Lawyers at Risk is an independent UK-based pro-bono network, founded in 2010, that provides moral and legal support to lawyers and human rights defenders working in precarious circumstances. The Alliance supports the work of PBI and other organisations.

The ability to bring human rights claims in court against governments or corporate interests is normally taken for granted in the UK. In many parts of the world, however, lawyers representing individuals subjected to injustice face significant, even life-threatening risks. Lawyers in some countries regularly receive threats to themselves or their families, are physically attacked, abducted or even assassinated simply for doing their jobs. In Colombia alone, as many as 25 lawyers may be killed each year.[1]

On 17th October 2017, the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk re-launched their initiative of extending moral and legal support to lawyers and human rights defenders at risk. The Alliance was founded in 2010 by PBI UK patron, Sir Henry Brooke, and has since then been collaborating closely with PBI in providing legal expertise to the human rights defenders PBI accompanies.

For any enquiries please email  President of the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk – Sir Patrick Elias -

A list of Alliance actions and resources can be found here.


[1] The American Association of Jurists and Avocats Sans Frontières Quebec, Informe sobre la situación de los abogados en Colombia [Report on the situation of lawyers in Colombia], 10 December 2007