Since 1981, Peace Brigades International has worked in 11 countries and on four continents. At the request of local organisations, our teams of volunteers provide protective accompaniment to human rights defenders threatened with violence.

Project work centres on:

  • Protective accompaniment
  • Building support networks
  • Raising the profile of those we accompany
  • Political analysis and spreading information about the situation on the ground
  • Peace building/Peace education

Colombia Project

PBI has 17-19 volunteers in three sub-teams protecting NGOs, individuals and communities in Barrancabermeja and the Magadalena Medio, Bogotá, Urabá, Antioquia, Valle del Cauca, Cauca, Casanare, Arauca and Sucre among other regions. The teams operate as observers, accompanying people or organisations under threat, making regular visits to conflict zones, distributing information about the evolution of the conflict, carrying out advocacy, lobbying and public relations work with representatives of the international community as well as with civil and military authorities, and campaigning for international support.

Guatemala Project

10 volunteers in Guatemala City protect organisations working on land rights, impunity and globalisation.

Honduras Project

In October 2013 the first two field volunteers arrived in Tegucigalpa, in time to provide international observation during the Presidential and General elections the following month. We also published a report on the situation for human rights defenders in Honduras and developed a new protective accompaniment project in the country. PBI Honduras provides protective accompaniment to 5 local organisations. 

Kenya Project

PBI launched its first ever field programme in Africa, in Kenya, in 2012 in response to the many risks and challenges Kenyan defenders face when carrying out their work.

Mexico Project

10 volunteers protect human rights organisations, focusing on impunity, upholding indigenous rights and environmental protection.

Nepal Project

TheNepalMonitor tool maps and forwards human rights and security reports to human rights defenders located close to where the incidents happen, and allows them to submit reports through e-mail and text message.


PBI closed its Indonesia Project in 2011. Read a report of our work there (pdf 1.4mb).