Susi Bascon, Director, PBI UK

Susi completed an MBA and worked in the private sector for several years. She moved to London in 1996 to do an MSc in Development Studies, hoping to transfer her skills into the voluntary sector. She worked for the Colombia project and spent a year as a PBI volunteer in Mexico, and has been running the PBI UK office since 1998. She says, “As a field volunteer I was deeply touched by the strength of spirit and courage of the human rights defenders I had the privilege to accompany…their commitment to justice went often beyond the fear of losing their own lives".


Daniel Lakey, Finance Officer

Daniel joined the team in 2014. Before that he was finance and administration manager at Fern, a UK and Brussels based NGO that focuses on forests and forest peoples' rights.



Adam Lunn, Advocacy Officer

Adam started at PBI UK in 2015 after returning from a year as a field volunteer with PBI Guatemala. He previously studied a masters in Latin American Studies at UCL Institute of The Americas.



Emily Spence, Programme & Development Officer

Emily joined PBI UK in 2015 having previously worked at the International HIV/AIDS Alliance on the Latin America and Africa programmes. She has a Master's in Human Rights from the University of London.



Alice Garside, Strategy & Communications Officer

Alice joined PBI UK in 2017 having previously worked as Washington D.C.-based advocacy officer for PBI Colombia, and prior to that was an international observer with PBI in Colombia. She is a solicitor by profession and practised immigration law in London.  She also holds a Master's in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex.



Office Volunteers

Callum McGarry

Adam Mahmoud