Our Upcoming Events:

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Past Events:

24th March 2019: London Landmarks Half Marathon. Find out more here

13th November 2018: Marking the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights Defenders, Supreme Court of Justice

9th October 2018: Parliamentary Event: 'Celebrating the Contribution of Human Rights Defenders to the Rule of Law'

20 May 2018: Hackney Half Marathon fundraiser

12 December 2017: UCL Home Institute of the Americas 'Worth Dying For?'

9 December 2017: PBI Orientation Day (Find out more)

22 November 2017: Colombia Securing Peace: Women’s Achievements and the Challenges Ahead

18 October 2017:  Defending Human Rights in Oaxaca, Mexico (Find out more)

17 October 2017: The Alliance for lawyers at Risk re-launch (Find out more)

25 September 2017: Defending Rights Defenders: Exploring ways to support human rights defenders across Central America.

17 June 2016: PBI 35th Anniversary Conference: Building Enabling Environments for Human Rights Defenders at Risk (Find out more)

16 November 2015: PBI UK and the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk - Shakespeare and the Law

24 June 2015: Community Consultation and Megaprojects: Addressing the Gaps

4 June 2015: Human Rights and Justice During Peace Processes: The Cases of Nepal and Colombia

16 April 2015: PBI UK and Alliance for Lawyers at Risk Reception and Private Viewing of the "Magna Carta: Law, Liberty and Legacy" Exhibition

29 October 2014: "Colombian Human Rights Defenders under threat: How can the UK Government help ensure they can continue to defend victims' rights, reclaim land and promote peace?"

19 November 2013: Neutrality in the Colombian Conflict: The role of Peace Communities (Find out more)

13 May 2013: Gala Evening Honouring Defenders of the Rule of Law

27 February 2013: The Ruggie principles: a remedy for Colombian communities facing the environmental and human rights impact of multinationals?

24 October 2012: Conference: Women Human Rights Defenders: Empowering and Protecting the Change-makers