Do something inspiring for someone inspirational!

Plan your own fundraising activity 

  • Get your office fundraising! You could do charity breakfasts, dress down days, cake bakes, lunchtime auctions or host a pub quiz.

  • You could do a sponsored run, swim or cycle for PBI UK, on your own or with your friends or colleagues. We’ll give you a PBI -shirt and come and cheer for you on the day!

  • Organise an event around a special day - International Women's Day, Human Rights Day, World Peace Day...the list goes on! 

  • Do you know any musicians or poets? You could host an open mic night or put on a night at a local venue.  

  • Host a dinner party or a games night. You could ask friends to make a donation to attend, wow them with your culinary skills and boost fundraising by having a raffle or an auction.

  • Organise a swap shop – invite your friends to donate unwanted clothes and other goods and then auction them off to each other over a cup of tea or a beer.

  • Raffle or auction - Round up prizes from people you know – whether it’s a bottle of whiskey they have lurking in the back of the cupboard, or a skill they can teach for an hour – or go into local businesses with a letter from us and ask for donations (you'll be surprised what you can get for free!). Then raffle or auction them off at an event!

*Top tip - why not see if you can get your workplace to match fund the money you raise? Some employers will donate a pound for every pound you raise. 

Whatever you decide to do for us and however much you raise, we will support you every step of the way.

Email us and we can brainstorm together!