In February 2017 Julia Lowis ran the El Cruce ultra marathon across Argentina and Chile over 3 days and a distance of 100km! Not only did she finish the gargantuan race, but came 3rd in her category and rasied nearly £2,000! 

In this short video, she explains why she undertook such an emormous feat for PBI UK. 

“As a barrister in the UK I am lucky not to face fear, threats, or reprisals for the work I carry out, particularly when seeking to uphold and defend the human rights of others.

But as a member of the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk and supporter of Peace Brigades International, I am acutely aware that this is not the case for so many lawyers and human rights defenders throughout the world, especially in Latin America. 

During a visit by Donald Hernandez earlier this year, I was struck by his remark of the comfort he took from knowing that lawyers here in the UK are taking an active interest in the struggles and dangers faced by human rights defenders in Honduras. 

I’m a sports fanatic crazy enough to want to take on the El Cruce challenge for fun, but it’s also an opportunity for me, through fundraising, to do what I can to increase awareness of PBI and those it supports, and to have a positive impact on the work of incredibly brave and courageous individuals like Donald."

You can say congratualations with a small donation to Julia's fundraising page!

You too could raise vital funds for human rights defenders at risk, even if running 100km doesn't sound like your cup of tea!