PBI UK works closely with the Law Society of England and Wales. PBI accompanied defenders meet with members of the International Department when on speaker tours in the UK to share experiences and request support and interventions. The Law Society’s Lawyers at Risk programme supports lawyers who receive threats or intimidation for the work that they do. This support is provided through intervention letters sent to State authorities and through structural work to improve lawyers’ safety.


Law Society Actions

In 2020 PBI, as part of the Collective Campaign for Peace (a network of peace and human rights organisations in Nepal – COCAP) jointly submitted a UPR report on Nepal to the UN Human Rights Council, with the Law Society of England and Wales. This action was the result of a meeting between Nepalese Human Rights Defender Saroj Nepal and the Law Society International Department, organised by PBI UK. The Nepal UPR submissions highlights how legislation has been proposed which would create obstacles for local and international NGOs. This legislation would hinder the effectiveness of NGOs and prevent them from speaking out against government policies and practices, as well as human rights violations directly or indirectly attributable to state authorities. Apart from increased restrictions on NGOs in Nepal, there has been an increase in threats against lawyers and human rights defenders (HRDs), as well as other efforts to prevent them from carrying out their work.