The UK Ambassador to Mexico, Judith Macgregor, and Father Solalinde, at the PBI house in OaxacaIn early August 2012, PBI facilitated a meeting between the UK Ambassador to Mexico, Judith Macgregor, and Father Solalinde Guerra, who runs a migrants’ shelter, Hermanos en el Camino, to talk about migrant rights and the threats that Father Solalinde has been receiving as a result of his work.

We also facilitated a roundtable with other human rights defenders and journalists based in Oaxaca: Alba Cruz (Código-DH) spoke about impunity and the failures of the justice system in Oaxaca; Pedro Matías (journalist from Proceso magazine) spoke of the dangers facing journalists in Oaxaca; Nora Martínez (Barca-DH) spoke about the lack of protection of HRDs in Oaxaca and about the “invisible human rights defenders” in the communities of Oaxaca; Marco Leyva (from the human rights organisation Educa) spoke about the risks facing those who speak out about human rights abuses related to the exploitation of natural resources.

PBI reiterated the importance of Felipe Calderón's government prioritising the implementation of the Law of Protection for human rights defenders and journalists in their final months in power, and their continuing to involve civil society in this process.

The Ambassador promised to keep mentioning all these issues with the government at state and federal level.