Mayan women see themselves in a PBI bulletin, Guatemala.On International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2012, PBI reaffirms its solidarity with human rights defenders around the world, and its commitment to the promotion of human rights and the protection of those who struggle in the face of threats to nonviolently uphold the rights of their communities. 
The courage, strength, perseverance and resilience of these brave women and men continues to humble and inspire all of us – volunteers and staff – at PBI. 

Please help us to continue protecting human rights defenders by making a donation today

Every donation matters: £5 a month covers regular phone calls to check on a defender's safety and wellbeing. £10 a month enables weekly visits to provide moral and practical support to a defender at their place of work. £125 helps PBI activate its support network when a defender is in extreme danger.

Sadly, the need for this work remains as pressing as ever.