In this edition we have compiled some issues related to human rights that have marked the year 2015. We consider the worrying situation of the LGBTI community and share a summary of the key moments of the “Central American Spring” experienced in Honduras in the second half of the year, which had a significant effect on the political situation in the country.

In this publication we also describe the work of our accompanied organisations, as we have done in previous years. In addition to CEHPRODEC and Dina Meza, who we have supported since the beginning of our work in Honduras, this year we also began accompanying Gladys Lanza, coordinator of the women’s organisation Visitación Padilla, and the LGBTI organisation Arcoíris. Through this accompaniment, we hope to contribute to the visibility of and recognition for the work of human rights defenders in the country and the risks they face every day.

PBI believes that it is essential to continue raising awareness about this reality and, through our publications, we aim to inform the international community about the need to take urgent action to end this situation. This Newsletter is intended not merely as a tool for information dissemination but also, and above all, to increase protection.

After two years of continuous presence in the country, PBI continues to observe patterns that perpetuate impunity and violence. Weak institutions, corruption and lack of judicial independence have led to a situation of extreme vulnerability for individuals, communities and organisations that defend human rights. The presence of the international community promoting respect for international human rights conventions is more necessary than ever. And the same goes for PBI’s work to protect the workspace of human rights defenders, and to open up space for peace.

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