"For us, nature is a central part of life. The plants, the corn, the trees, the animals, everything that humans needs to live. The earth, the mountains, the rivers, all that is life.  Humanity cannot exist without nature.” - Pedro Sicá. 

In March 2016 Pedro Sicá, Guatemalan indigenous leader, visited London as part of a Europe wide speaker tour organised by PBI. Pedro is an indigenous Maya K’iche’ leader of the Cunén Community Council (CCC), a community organization for the defence of the land, natural resources and human rights. In the area of Cunén and northern Quiché, there are many social conflicts around hydroelectric projects, mining and high-voltage electricity pylons. PBI began accompanying CCC in 2010 due to the security risks faced by human rights defenders actively promoting the right to land, territory and natural resources in the region. 

During his time in London Pedro met with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Rights and representatives of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to discuss the situation for indigenous communities in Cunen and the rest of Guatemala. He also met with NGOs; Friends of the Earth, London Mining Network, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Guatemala Solidarity Network and ENCA
 Guatemala Solidarity Network Interview with Pedro Sica:

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