Cristina Auerbach’s journey as a human rights defender began when an explosion in February 2006 inside the Pasta de Conchos mine in northern Mexico’s state of Coahuila trapped 65 miners. As the company owning the mine abandoned the search and rescue of the bodies, and authorities failed to be held accountable for the breaches in the mine’s safety standards, Auerbach took up the task of demanding justice for the victims’ relatives and campaign for the recovery of the bodies, all but two of which remain buried underground. As the director of Organizacion Familia Pasta de Conchos, a network of community members, which mostly consists of women from the mining region of Coahuila who advocate to improve working conditions of miners and living conditions of surrounding communities, Auerbach has put herself at the forefront of a dangerous struggle against some of the state’s most powerful actors.

The documentary Pasta de Conchos: The struggle for justice profiles this fight for justice.

Find the Spanish version here.