In April 2017, Dipendra Jha was able to raise the issue of human rights abuses in the Terai region with lawyers, civil society, and government representatives during a visit to London.

Dipendra Jha has been working as a human rights and constitutional lawyer since 2007 working on cases of human rights abuses in the Terai region including cases of torture, arbitrary arrests, and threats to human rights defenders. He leads the Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance (THRDA) and the Terai Justice Centre (TJC). The THRDA and TJC work on issues of social justice and civil rights, which are at the core of empowerment of minorities in Nepal, who have become victims of the exclusionary policies of the state.

Dipendra Jha Law Soc 2The Terai region has experienced high levels of state violence; in 2015, approximately 45 people were killed after police opened fire on protestors demonstrating against the new constitution. Again on the 6th of March 2017, seven Madhesi were killed when police again opened fire on a protest. The killings remain in complete impunity. As well as highlighting the problem of impunity in Nepal Dipendra talked about the threats and intimidation that human rights defenders like himself face in the country and how the international community can help.

An Early Day Motion about representation and violence in Terai has been tabled following his visit. Please email your MP and ask them to sign on!

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