In the early hours of the 7th of July 2019, the trans activist and sex worker Bessy Ferrera, was shot dead. Bessy was a member of LGBTQI+ organisation ArcoIris and a focal point within the “Rights Here and Now” Platform.

Bessy Ferrera was a transgender and sex rights defender and member of Arcoíris, an organisation that provides support to LGBTI+ persons who are victims of violence, works on awareness initiatives, promotes HIV prevention programmes, and lobbies the Honduran government to advance LGBTI+ rights in the country.

On the night of 7 July 2019, while Bessy was working in the streets of Comayagüela, two unidentified men approached her in a car with dark windows and shot her multiple times, killing her instantly. During the attack, another coworker was injured by gunshots and taken to the Hospital Escuela Universitario, where she is currently receiving medical attention. Two men have been detained so far in relation to the attack.

PBI has provided protective accompaniment to the Asociación Arcoiris and the “Muñecas” Trans Women’s Group, since 2015. The “Muñecas” group works to defend and promote the rights of the trans community.

In January 2019 PBI interviewed members of Arcoiris who talked about the risks they faced for defending LGBT rights.


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