Will you help human rights defenders to limit the devastating impacts of this humanitarian crisis?

For human rights defenders and the vulnerable communities they support, COVID-19 represents an unprecedented threat that could bring untold suffering to their communities.

Many of the defenders we work with have pivoted completely to the essential work that will keep their communities alive. They are stepping in to support vulnerable people in ways that their governments can’t (or won’t) – giving access to water, food, sanitation and health services. 

“So many families want food, but our hands are tied with our resources we can’t reach everyone… I would like to appreciate those who have contributed towards this to enable us to support these families and also challenging the government to bring its support to the grassroots level”. - Rachel Mwikale, Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders - Kenya

But they can’t do this on their own.

Our global community must come together for the most marginalised and at-risk. PBI and the human rights defenders we support are at the frontline of the crisis, and we need your help.

The crisis is HERE. We need to act NOW.

PBI are:

- Working with defenders on alternative protection strategies
- Building the systems that will allow us to rapidly respond to the specific risks this outbreak brings
- Providing hope and solidarity to those on the frontline

Inevitably, these activities will place a strain on our resources. That’s why we’re asking you to donate what you can today.

If you are in a position to help people who have so few resources of their own, please join us. Let’s protect human rights defenders, for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

Give £30, or whatever you can, today


The 2.6 Challenge

Peace Brigades International UK are feeling the devastating effect of event cancellation and the loss of fundraising income. That's why we're calling on you to join the 2.6 Challenge - a nationwide fundraising campaign to save the UK's charities, organised by those behind some of the country's biggest sporting events.

The campaign will launch on Sunday 26 April - what should have been the date of the 40th London Marathon, the biggest one-day annual fundraising event in the world, raising over £66 million in 2019. Two Point Six Challenge man with weights

From 26 April, we're asking you to get active, have fun, and raise money towards our emergency appeal. Here's all you need to do:

  1. Dream up a challenge around the number 2.6 or 26 (run 2.6 miles? 26 cartwheels in a row? Lead 26 people in a 2.6 hour yoga class?)
  2. Head to twopointsixchallenge.justgiving.com/get-involved?charityId=182332 and donate £26.20 - or whatever you can afford - to PBI UK, or set up a sponsorship page
  3. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you, and challenge themselves to their own 2.6 Challenge
  4. Complete your challenge, and share a photo on social media with the hashtag #TwoPointSixChallenge

For further information on The 2.6 Challenge, including a list of partners and supporters, and for more ideas about what your activity could be, visit twopointsixchallenge.co.uk

Join the nation in The 2.6 Challenge to support PBI UK and save the UK’s charities.