“There is no other way to live in this world than loving Mother Earth, respecting each other and collaborating collectively.  This view of how we build our lives collectively is so important because we are not alone in the world, we are here together.”


- Sylvia Villaseñor, Mexican Institute for Community Development, Mexico





Today, 22nd April 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

PBI accompanies environmental defenders and activists in different parts of the world as part of a commitment to protect the planet. We believe that respect for human rights can only truly be achieved when grassroots activists are protected from the violent attacks and inherent risks they face. Those who defend their water and ecosystems are at the frontline of environmental protection and must be able to continue their work in secure conditions.

As we get to grips with the COVID-19 crisis, the work of environmental defenders should be seen within a broader context of human survival. Planetary health specialists have begun to identify the connections between the wellbeing of humans, other living things, and whole ecosystems. Critically, the destruction of untouched forests in the interests of logging, mining or even renewable energy brings people into contact with animal species for the first time. Human rights defenders have been fighting tooth and nail to prevent extractive industries from accelerating these processes. We believe that only a truly holistic approach to environmental justice will safeguard humanity from future crises, whether drought, flood, or epidemic.

Read about two of the organisations we support, and the reasons why their work is essential for the planet.



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