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PBI UK are pleased to present the raffle of an original Picasso linocut. By entering to win this very special print, you will help us to provide vital support over 1,000 human rights activists across Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Kenya and Nepal who risk everything to help their communities.

Your donation helps defenders receive the life-saving tools and support they need to increase their capacity and skills, stay safe and secure, improve their psychological wellbeing, and make themselves heard. 

By entering this raffle, you'll help to ensure they’re not alone in their struggle.

Each ticket costs just £25. We need just 110 people to buy two tickets each to meet our target!


Meet some of the defenders supported by PBI UK

From Guernica to his iconic doves, Picasso's keen support for human rights and peace movements is visible throughout his career. As a world-leading human rights organisation, PBI are honoured to present the raffle of this Picasso linocut 'Toros en Vallauris 1957'. This linocut, designed and cut by Picasso to advertise the annual bullfight in the village of Vallauris, exemplifies his talent with the medium - boldly and abstractly depicting the picador and the bull at the height of the fight.

This limited edition print has been generously donated by philanthropist and art dealer Dr Frederick Mulder CBE. The print came to him directly from the family of the printer and is worth approximately £2,200.

Frederick says:

“To hand the next generation a planet which will have more floods, more fires, more unbearable heat is in effect stealing from future generations. It is a theft we have no right to make… to me, protecting the environment is actually about protecting the rights of future generations. So, it is important not only to have defenders of the environment; we must also defend the defenders. This is the core truth that informs all of PBI’s work. Picasso said, “the meaning of life if to find your gift…the purpose of life is to give it away”. So tonight, I’m giving this Picasso away, I hope it will contribute to the social justice and environmental protection we so badly need.”

Each ticket is not just an opportunity to win a Picasso, it is also your way of helping to ensure that PBI can continue our important work

Thanks to a generous donor, the first 400 tickets will be matched, meaning PBI UK will receive £50 for each one. Please give generously.

Buy your tickets, and share with your friends and family, at https://www.peoplesfundraising.com/raffle/picasso-for-pbi

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