We want to say a massive thank you to Clifford Chance for funding one of our flagship projects in Kenya, which will develop and extend training programmes that help grassroots human rights defenders in the urban settlements of Nairobi to combat extrajudicial killings and sexual violence.

Around 56% of Kenya’s urban population live in the informal settlements. Within these slums, there are widespread instances of murders and disappearances of young males by police with impunity, allegedly in the fight against crime and terrorism. According to the Missing Voices consortium, Kenyan police were responsible for the killing of at least 107 people in 2019, mostly young men. These executions are rarely properly investigated and prosecutions are incredibly rare, resulting in a total denial of justice for victims and their families.

Those living in the urban settlements also see devastating levels of sexual, domestic and gender-based violence. Around 85% of women in Kibera settlement report having experienced violence, but because of the stigma and a lack of awareness, many victims do not report incidents to the police.

Victims of human rights abuses find that the justice system is slow, ineffective, and costly with reconciliation and redress measures severely lacking. The inaccessibility of the formal justice system (and fear of reprisals) has led to an increase in victims reporting crime to community-led Social Justice Centres, which aim to bring an end to these crimes and ensure access to justice for the most vulnerable.

With the support of the Clifford Chance Foundation, we will develop an online legal education platform that connects grassroots human rights defenders and paralegals to a network of specialised UK lawyers, to develop activities, strategic litigation assistance and advice, and training on case building and legal advising. This will increase the Centres’ capacity to support their communities, record crimes and call for accountability, ultimately furthering the administration of justice for victims of human rights violations and increasing the safety of the Nairobi settlements.

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