This December, we’re asking you to support environmental rights defenders and lawyers at risk - our first line of defence against irreversible environmental destruction and climate change.

Our generous supporter Dr Frederick Mulder has offered £10,000 in match funding for our 2020 end of year campaign, meaning that for your donation of £50, we will receive £100.

You can donate to this campaign now at or by sending a cheque to our office: PBI UK. 465a Hornsey Road, Unit 6. London. N19 4DR

The right to justice, to a clean environment, to equality... Every day, brave activists risk their livelihoods, liberty, and in many cases their lives to fight for principles we often take for granted

This year, PBI has been by the side of over 1,000 human rights defenders across Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Kenya and Nepal who risk everything for their communities. We provide life-saving security monitoring and protection strategies that help them carry on with their work without fear; provide the training, knowledge and tools they need to enhance their capacity and capabilities; and mobilise the international community to keep activists alive so their activism can thrive.

We believe everyone has the right to defend, and we know that the more people involved in upholding human rights, the less risky the work becomes, and the greater the achievements of the global social justice movements will be. Whether fighting for social equality, access to justice and a fair trial, or land environmental and indigenous rights, we are stronger together. PBI partners directly with grassroots defenders and organisations who receive continual threats and harassment for their work, and see others - including their friends and colleagues - attacked or killed for doing the same. We stand alongside them to keep them safe, and provide the support they need to keep going.

By donating today, you’ll help us to partner with even more defenders and organisations on the very frontline.

Together, we will provide the skills, tools and protection they need to defend human rights; and the global platform they need to be heard. By donating today, you will:

- Protect defenders - keeping them safe by implementing tailored security and protection strategies so they can work without fear

- Train human rights defenders - providing the tools they’ll need to increase their capacity and capabilities so they can be there for their communities

- Advocate for stronger protections - ensuring businesses and governments fulfil their obligations

- Draw international attention and support to grassroots causes and defenders

If you share our vision of a world where individuals and communities can defend their fundamental rights without fear of reprisals and violence, then please consider donating today at

This December, we’re asking you to support environmental rights defenders and lawyers at risk - our first line of defence against irreversible environmental destruction and climate change.

Increasing demand for land and natural resources is driving companies to plunder and exploit traditional indigenous territories, threatening their land and livelihoods, tipping the delicate balance that communities have managed for centuries, and driving runaway increases in carbon emissions, and irreversible climate and ecological change.

On average, four environmental defenders have been killed every week for the past five years for standing up for the protection and promotion of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment. Thousands more have faced threats, smear campaigns, criminalisation and shocking violence simply for taking a stand against predatory and polluting industries and asking that their rights are respected.

On Friday 11 December, on the five-year anniversary of the Paris agreement, world leaders will virtually gather for the Climate Ambition Summit. At this summit, they will set out their climate commitments ahead of the 26th Climate Change Conference next year.

2021 could be a turning point for the climate and the environment. With your support over the next year, PBI UK intend to draw attention to the integral role that environmental rights defenders and lawyers play on the frontline of the fight against the climate breakdown, and the many risks they face as a result of their work.

We are working with environmental rights defenders who protect climate-critical ecosystems to ensure their demands are heard. The biggest industries driving us to climate breakdown: mining, logging, oil and gas and agribusiness are behind the escalating violence against environmental defenders. By listening to and empowering local activists and communities that seek accountability, respect for human rights and speak up against destructive industries, we will seek justice not only for the defenders, but for our Earth.

£25 – could help us provide life-saving monitoring tools and tailored protection to a defender at-risk

£100 – could run a training and mentoring session for grassroots environmental defenders on business’ human rights responsibilities, and how to report and seek redress for dangerous behaviours by multinational corporates

£500 – could help us amplify the demands of grassroots defenders and advocate for their protection through a campaign video

£2,000 – could bring a defender to speak as part of a cross-regional conference to share best practice and discuss environmental litigation around COP 26  

Thanks to the generosity of our valued supporter Dr Frederick Mulder, every donation towards this £10,000 appeal up will be matched. That means for your donation of £50, we will receive £100