Women and minority rights activists around the world are working to create positive change in their communities. Women human rights defenders face many of the same challenges as their male counterparts. However, many face additional obstacles and threats because they challenge the status quo twice over – through their work and by challenging (by their very existence) accepted norms, traditions, perceptions and stereotypes about femininity, sexual orientation and the role and status of women in society. As a result, they are vulnerable to threats, stigma, rejection by family and community, and violence.

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Women human rights defenders

Women human rights defenders (WHRDs) do the same work as their male counterparts, and face many of the same challenges and threats as a result. However, women face additional obstacles and threats on account of their gender. In many societies women are not expected to speak out and challenge the status quo.

Meet the women who are changing the world

This International Women’s Day, PBI is honouring the incredible and vital work done by Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) in Honduras, Mexico and Kenya, despite their continuing struggle against oppression and human rights abuses.

International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women that are at the heart of the fight for positive social change and equality for all women around the world.

Rosalinda Dionicio, United Peoples’ Network of the Ocotlán Valley, Mexico

Rosalinda Dionicio is a leader of the United Peoples’ Network of the Ocotlán Valley in Defence of Territory. Since 2009, the organisation has been demanding the closure of the San José mine, owned by a subsidiary of the Canadian company Fortuna Silver Mines, which they say has caused environmental destruction and water shortages in their communities. Rosalinda is a survivor of a 2012 attack by gunmen in which her colleague Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez was assassinated – one of many serious human rights violations suffered by the organisation.

Aurelia Arzú, Fraternal Black Organisation of Honduras (OFRANEH), Honduras

Aurelia Arzú, a human rights defender from the Garifuna community in Honduras, visited London on a speaker tour this past September in her capacity as vice coordinator of the Fraternal Black Organisation of Honduras (OFRANEH). OFRANEH work to safeguard the economic, social and cultural rights of the unique Garifuna ethnic community.


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