What makes PBI unique are the close, long-term connections we build with human rights defenders in situations of conflict and repression.

Our field volunteers stand shoulder to shoulder with threatened human rights defenders in some of their darkest moments, providing protection and moral support that allow them to continue their vital work. The insights these defenders give us into their own societies, experiences and struggles are the core of our advocacy and policy work.

The inspirational stories of the people we accompany, and their own testimonies regarding the difference PBI's presence has made to their lives, are our constant motivation.

Some of these stories can be read here, told by accompanied human rights defenders in their own words.

PBI field volunteers come from all walks of life, but are united by their commitment to the pursuit of justice and non-violent social change.

Here, former UK field volunteers reflect on the challenges of life in a PBI team, and the unique experience of working alongside at-risk defenders in their struggles for a better world.

Our 2015 documentary "Land of Corn" shares the stories of four environmental and land rights defenders in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Honduras.