In 2009/10 PBI assessed the protection needs of human rights defenders across Africa to identify countries where PBI’s methodology of international protective presence may be appropriate. The research pointed to a clear demand from defenders in Kenya.

In 2011/12 PBI undertook an in-depth assessment to determine whether we could establish a field project in Kenya. We went to Kenya to talk to human rights defenders, to find out what their protection needs were, and whether protective accompaniment would be effective in the country.

PBI established a project in Kenya in December 2012, to provide support and protection to human rights defenders during a period of expected heightened risk during the March 2013 presidential elections.

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Who we protect in Kenya

Organisations challenging impunity

  • Mathare Social Justice Centre.  Community-based organisation in the poor urban settlement Mathare, Nairobi. The organisation strives for social justice by means of community engagement and the use of social movement platforms.

Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD)

PBI Kenya has developed an online protection toolkit specifically aimed at Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRD) in Nairobi’s urban settlements.

HRDs in Exile

PBI Kenya has been engaging with Exiled HRDs (EHRDs). The project is currently researching into its ability to support EHRDs in order to assess the immediate protection needs and challenges that the exiled HRDs from the region, including South-Sudan, Ethiopia and Burundi face.

Defending land rights, culture and natural resources

PBI Kenya has been supporting various HRDs with cases that concern access to ancestral land, issues relating to (recognition of) land titles and malpractice or even threats made by business entities.