Maurilio Santiago Reyes, president of CedhapiThe Centre for Human Rights and Legal Advice for Indigenous Peoples (Cedhapi) is based in the city of Tlaxiaco, in the Mixtec region in the northeast Oaxaca State.

Founded in 2001, Cedhapi's mandate is to protect the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples. It is dedicated to the legal defence and public reporting of cases of grave human rights violations. Among other cases, it represents the relatives of the three people assassinated in Santo Domingo Ixcatlán in April 2008.

Gustavo Castañeda Martínez, Melesio Martínez Robles and Inocencio Medina Bernabé were murdered by a group of armed men with alleged links to the local authorities.

The armed group has continued to harass the inhabitants of Santo Domingo Ixcatlán and for this reason 177 members of the Santo Domingo Ixcatlán community were granted precautionary measures by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in May 2008.

PBI began accompanying Cedhapi's members in 2009, after human rights defenders working with Cedhapi received death threats in connection with their work on the Santo Domingo Ixcatlán case.