Sara Mendez, Coordinator of Codigo-DH, addresses the General Assembly of the Town of San Dionisio del Mar during the commemoration of their 4th anniversary in Oaxaca, Mexico.The Integral Defense Committee for Human Rights `Gobixha´(Codigo-DH) is a civil society organisation that offers legal aid as well as psychological support and medical attention to victims of human rights violations, whilst offering legal support to support their access to justice and fight against impunity. Codigo-DH was founded in January 2011, created due to the closure of the November 25 Liberation Committee which had previously been accompanied by PBI since the end of 2009 due to the constant threats and attacks that the staff received for their legitimate work in the defense of human rights. Despite having received precautionary measures from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) since July 2007, the threats and attacks against the members of Codigo-DH and their family members have not ceased. For this reason PBI continues to provide international accompaniment to the organisation.

In 2011, Codigo-DH opened a regional office in San Pedro Amuzgos, which provides the educational and legal advice that contributes to the recognition of and respect for human rights in the region, the awareness and the education of local authorities and the training of human rights advocates. In 2013 Codigo-DH suffered further attacks when it began to support communities from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec who are demanding their right to free, prior and informed consultation to the apparent imposition of a wind farm. The community human rights defenders in San Dionisio del Mar and Álvaro Obregón have suffered various attacks and threats for their activism in the defense of their lands and territories. PBI is monitoring the security situation and the granting of the right to consultation through its accompaniment to Codigo-DH in the Isthmus.

Sara Méndez Interview

This interview portrays Sara Mendez from Codigo-DH, who explains to PBI the high risk faced by defenders of land and territory who struggle against the implementations of megaprojects in Oaxaca.