On 19 December 2009 a group of 11 families began their search for 21 disappeared relatives. By August 2013 they were searching for 290 people.

United Forces for our Disappeared in Coahuila (Fuundec) is a collective of families, founded as an organisation in 2009. They have groups in Saltillo, Torreón and other cities in the state of Coahuila, and also unite families who are not located in Coahuila but who have family members who disappeared there.

"FUUNDEC is the center that unites us, where we find strength to continue, where we have space to release and share the pain. This union gives us strength to continue with the struggle." said one family member. [1]

Fuundec is calling for: the immediate search for the disappeared; the creation of a nationwide database of the disappeared; the systematic attention of the Attorney General's Office to all cases of disappearances; the creation of a federal Special Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons; the creation and implementation of research protocols; the implementation of a federal program of care for families of the disappeared; and the full acceptance of the recommendations of the United Nations Working Group on disappearances in its preliminary report.

"It is important to raise awareness nationally and internationally, to make the issue more well-known as something that affects the whole population. There are two urgent things that must be done simultaneously: a search for the
disappeared and an investigation into the crime," said one of the members. [2]