Cunén Community Council (CCC) is a community organization for the defence of the land, natural resources and human rights. CCC was formed in 2009 and consists of 22 members from 8 micro-regions, all from the department of Quiché in Guatemala. 

In 2008 the Cunén community discovered that mining licenses approved by the Guatemalan Government accounted for 80% of the community’s territory divided among 7 different extractive industries.In 2009, communities in Quiché came together to organize community consultations about mining, hydroelectric dams, and the implementation of mega-projects in the region. During this consultation process over 19,000 people from 71 communities voted against large scale investment projects in Quiché. In the area of Cunén and northern Quiché, there are many social conflicts around hydroelectric projects, mining and high-voltage electricity pylons. 

PBI observed part of the preparation process as well as the consultation itself, in which approximately 19,000 people from 71 communities voted against the aforementioned projects. 

PBI began accompanying CCC in 2010 due to the security risks faced by human rights defenders actively promoting the right to land, territory and natural resources in the region.


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