K'iche Peoples Council (CPK)

The K'iche Peoples Council (CPK) was formed in 2008 and focuses on "the defense of life, Mother Nature, Land and Territory". In this context, it defends and promotes the collective rights of indigenous peoples, the right to life, rights to water, land and, in general, the economic, social, cultural and environmental rights (ESCR). Analysis, debate, dialogue and consensus are tools used by the CPK for decision-making, prioritizing the opinion of the Quiche community assemblies and recognizing them as the most important elements in the right to self-determination of its members. It promotes activities and proactive information on community consultations in the villages of Quiche.

The organisation conducts popular and good faith consultation processes in the region where hundreds of communities in several municipalities have for many years publicly opposed mega projects (mining, hydroelectric, agribusiness) and electricity network projects. Approximately 80 community mayors and members of Community Development Councils (COCODEs), participate in the CPK, conveying the concerns of the approximately 87 communities and 6 urban zones of Santa Cruz.

CPK members have received threats and attacks, which prompted several requests for international observation and accompaniment by PBI on specific occasions since the beginning of 2013. Following this we have maintained a presence in Santa Cruz del Quiche, and have held meetings with members of the CPK and in particular with its leader in the country and abroad, Lolita Chavez, who has been targeted and therefore receives precautionary measures ordered by the IACHR.


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