In November of 2015 PBI Guatemala began accompaniment of the Peaceful Resistance of La Laguna, in the municipality of San Pedro Ayampuc, department of Guatemala. This resistance began with a sit-in in the area on April 4 this 2015. This sit-in initiated to express disagreement with the installation of an electricity distribution and a high voltage station belonging to the Colombian energy company, Transportadora de Centroamérica S.A. (TRECSA), which aims to provide energy to the 20 mining projects that operate around the town. In late 2014, a community consultation was held regarding the project. The majority rejected the proposed works; around 530,000 people voted against the project. In contrast, only 30 people were in favour. The main concerns of the Resistance are potential environmental and health impacts, such as deforestation, decreasing water supplies, and pollution of the environment with harmful chemicals. The Resistance demands that state and municipal authorities cancel the licence awarded to TRECSA, granted in 2011.

The resistance maintains a permanent protest camp in San Pedro Ayampuc.  

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