The Department of Petén makes up a third of the Republic of Guatemala. More than 60% of the department are protected areas. Although we do not accompany in this department, every six months PBI Guatemala undertakes a visit as a way of following up on the human rights situation. PBI Guatemala holds meetings with different social actors, to advocate around various problematic issues:

-Protected Areas; evictions, agrarian conflicts illegal detentions, restricted freedom of movement


-Women rights

-Megaprojects (tourist and investment projects, hidroelectrics etc.)

-Palm oil

The situation for human rights defenders in the region continues to be complicated. The weak role of government institutions in the resolution of confl icts related to land access, paints a diffi cult situation for many communities. Such is the case of those who were evicted several years ago and continue to live in precarious situations without prospects of improvement. Other communities located in Sierra de Lacandon and Laguna del Tigre national parks live without access to public services and in constant uncertainty of future evictions.