Dina Meza is a well-known independent Honduran journalist and defender of freedom of expression and of information. She investigates and reports human rights violations in such cases as the Bajo Aguán conflict and violations of freedom of expression. Dina Meza is currently a freelance journalist and the president of the Honduras PEN Centre.

In 2007 she was awarded the “Special Award for Human Rights Journalism Under Threat” and in 2014 she was the winner of the Oxfam Novib/PEN International Free Expression Award.

Her work as a journalist and human rights defender has led her and her family members being threatened and harassed.

PBI have been accompanying Dina Meza since May 2014, PBI provides her with protection at a time of high level of violence towards journalists in Honduras.
Dina has a digital newspaper: Pasos de Animal Grande.

Watch Frontline Defenders interview Dina about her work