Impunity happens in the absence of the Rule of Law. As a result of impunity, those suspected of criminal acts are not prosecuted or punished and victims are left without effective remedy or compensation for their injuries or loss. At the same time, they – and society – are denied access to the truth about the violations suffered.

We support those campaigning to defend the rule of law so that victims can access the truth about historic injustices. This includes lobbying governments and international bodies on the implementation of binding treaties and conventions, raising the profiles of lawyers through speaker tours across Europe to keep them safe in their own countries, and promoting access to justice in our field projects through targeted capacity building campaigns.

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Human rights lawyers

Lawyers challenging those responsible for human rights violations pay an extremely high price - becoming targets of intimidation and repression because of the nature of the cases they take on. They may have their work obstructed, be followed, watched, harassed, subjected to spurious prosecutions, killed or ‘forcibly disappeared’.

Human rights defenders fighting impunity

Impunity happens in the absence of the rule of law. Under the rule of law, all people, all organisations, and the state itself are equally accountable to laws that are fairly applied and enforced, and there is equal access to justice when rights are violated.

WEBINAR - Business and Human Rights: Toolbox for Human Rights Defenders

WEBINAR - Business and Human Rights: Toolbox for Human Rights Defenders

The current COVID 19 context is presenting new challenges and threats for land and environmental rights defenders. From killings of defenders, the abuse of emergency measures to government restrictions on their movements. Communities impacted by negative corporate human rights practices are seeing an increase in the number of licenses being granted to companies as well as companies lobbying for loosened regulations.

The Sir Henry Brooke Awards 2019

Last Thursday, PBI UK and the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk announced the winners of the second Sir Henry Brooke Awards for Human Rights Defenders.

Forced disappearance in Mexico

Over 40,000 people are disappeared across Mexico.
Some of these 40,000 may be alive, and some make up the 26,000 bodies that lie unidentified in morgues across the country. 

The terrifying figures of forced disappearance in Mexico speak not only of the crisis of extreme violence the country is living through, but also of the deep need to address structural injustices that allow human rights violations to continue without investigation or the punishing of those responsible.


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