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24th March 2019: London Landmarks Half Marathon. Find out more here

Remembering Lord Joffe

It is with great regret that we announce the loss of one of our patrons, Lord Joffe, who passed away on the 18 June 2017.

Invisible Mandelas film

“I don't think we need a magic wand. We need to exert pressure, we need to exercise citizenship, and with this we will succeed." - Dina Meza. Journalist. Honduras

While human rights defenders make invaluable contributions to upholding justice and the rule of law, these ‘Invisible Mandelas’ often do not receive the global recognition they deserve and require for their safety. Building the visibility, credibility, and legitimacy of defenders is crucial in reducing the risks they face, and allowing them to continue their vital work.

Dipendra Jha, Terai Human Rights Defenders Alliance, Nepal

In April 2017, Dipendra Jha (pictured above with lawyer, Courtenay Barklem), a Nepalese Human Rights lawyer visited the UK. We spoke to him about the human rights situation in Nepal. Dipendra Jha has been working as a human rights and constitutional lawyer since 2007 working on cases of human rights abuses in the Terai region including cases of torture, arbitrary arrests, and threats to human rights defenders.

Advocate to run first marathon for lawyers at risk

In May, advocate Niall McCluskey will be running his first ever marathon to raise funds for PBI UK in support of lawyers at risk around the world. 

In this short video, Niall explains why he is running his first ever marathon on behalf of PBI UK.

You can sponsor him by clicking here

European Parliament approves Guatemala resolution

The European Parliament approved an urgent resolution on the situation of human rights defenders and the justice system in Guatemala on February 16, 2017. The resolution strongly condemns the continuously high levels of violence against HRDs in the country and requests a public policy for their protection.


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