Luis Carlos Perez Lawyers' Collective

The Luis Carlos Perez Lawyer’s Collective (CCALCP) is an organisation of women human rights lawyers based in the Magdalenia Medio and Catatumbo regions in northeastern Colombia. These areas are rich in biodiversity and indigenous cultural heritage, and home to vast untapped reserves of coal and oil.

Human Rights Law Firm (BJDH)

The lawyers of the Human Rights Law Firm (BJDHG) are some of the few who are brave enough to take on emblematic cases in which high level officials are implicated in grave human rights violations crimes against humanity.


United Forces for our Disappeared in Coahuila (Fuundec)

On 19 December 2009 a group of 11 families began their search for 21 disappeared relatives. By August 2013 they were searching for 290 people.

United Forces for our Disappeared in Coahuila (Fuundec) is a collective of families, founded as an organisation in 2009. They have groups in Saltillo, Torreón and other cities in the state of Coahuila, and also unite families who are not located in Coahuila but who have family members who disappeared there.

Alba Cruz

Alba CruzAlba Cruz is a human rights lawyer and the juridical coordinator of for Codigo-DH in Oaxaca State, one of the poorest and most underdeveloped states in Mexico, with a large, highly marginalised, indigenous population.

PBI’s accompaniment of Alba began when she was working for the November 25 Liberation Committee, following threats against her and her colleagues in 2009.

“Bartolome Carrasco Briseño”

Father Wilfrido Mayrén Peláez (Padre Uvi), co-founder of Barca-DHThe “Bartolome Carrasco Briseño” Regional Centre for Human Rights (Barca-DH) was founded by the local church community to promote and defend human rights in Oaxaca State. Its creation was a response to murders and violent acts that were being inflicted with impunity on the state's largely poor, indigenous and marginalised population.

Alliance for Lawyers at Risk

The Alliance for Lawyers at Risk is an independent UK-based pro-bono network, founded in 2010, that provides moral and legal support to lawyers and human rights defenders working in precarious circumstances. The Alliance supports the work of PBI and other organisations.

The Alliance was founded in 2010 by Peace Brigades International UK patron, the late Sir Henry Brooke, and has since then been collaborating closely with PBI in providing legal expertise to the human rights defenders PBI accompanies.

Mexico before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Inés Fernando Ortega was at home with her four children on 22 March 2002, when soldiers came uninvited into her home. The three men wanted to interrogate her about the meat she was drying outside, but when she failed to answer their questions (an indigenous Me’phaa woman, she did not understand Spanish), they became angry. Anger turned into aggression, aggression became rape.

Valentina Rosendo Cantú

17-year old Valentina Rosendo Cantú lived in an isolated village in Mexico’s impoverished Guerrero state. One morning, soldiers surrounded her as she washed clothes in a shaded stream. An indigenous woman whose first language was Me’phaa, she spoke little Spanish - when she couldn’t answer their questions the soldiers raped and beat her.


Tlachinollan Human Rights Centre

Lawyer Santiago Aguirre of the Tlachinollan Human Rights CentreSince 1994, the Tlachinollan Human Rights Centre has been defending the fundamental rights of individuals as well as the collective rights of Guerrero’s deprived indigenous communities.


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