Appeal: Help us protect human rights defenders at risk

Human rights defenders are key to the development of peace and democracy in societies marked by conflict.

But because they challenge powerful interests that benefit from the status quo, human rights defenders are at great risk. By standing up for the rights of their communities, they find their own lives are in danger.

Help PBI and double your money!

An anonymous trust has offered PBI a grant of up to £20,000 to support our work protecting threatened human rights defenders around the world – but only if we can match this amount through donations from other sources.

We have already raised £8,500, so there is just £11,500 left to go - and we must raise it by 22 November.

Please make a donation to help us reach our target. Remember, for every pound you give, PBI will receive twice that amount!

Blog from Simon Crabb

Judith Maldonado of CALCP - a lawyer Simon has been accompanying in Colombia. Photo: Charlotte Kesl

"Having worked as a lawyer in the Highlands, I (Simon) remember well travelling to cover courts in “far flung” places such as Wick or Fort William. In terms of logistics, these trips usually involved dashing from court back to the office, cramming my gown, my copy of the Criminal Procedure Act, and toothbrush in a suitcase before speeding off in a hired car into the night.

Fast forward a year, now working with Peace Brigades International (PBI) in Colombia, terms such as “logistics” and “travel” have taken on a whole new meaning..."


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