Toolkit for Latin American Women Human Rights Defenders working on Land and Environmental Issues

In 2015 PBI UK produced a toolkit which is intended as an easy, accessible guide to on-line resources for Latin American WHRDs. It is particularly aimed at those working on land and environmental rights, in recognition of the particular threats they can face - confronting powerful economic interests while often working in isolated rural areas. We are currently working with our pro bono partners to update the toolkit and make it fit for purpose in the 2020s. Please email us on if you want to access it or have any questions.

Women Human Rights Defenders

Women human rights defenders (WHRDs) do the same work as their male counterparts, and face many of the same challenges and threats as a result. However, women face additional obstacles and threats on account of their gender. In many societies women are not expected to speak out and challenge the status quo.


    Women human rights defenders across the world are fighting for positive change in their communities. They share many challenges experienced by their male counterparts but face additional obstacles because they undermine the status quo twice over: through their work in its own right, and through their implicit challenge to accepted norms about the role of women in society.

    Defending LGBTI+ Rights in Honduras

    Honduras is one of the deadliest countries in the world to be an LGBTI+ human rights defender.

    Arcoíris is an organisation working with the LGBTI community in Honduras.

    The Sir Henry Brooke Awards 2019

    Last Thursday, PBI UK and the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk announced the winners of the second Sir Henry Brooke Awards for Human Rights Defenders.

    Paying tribute to Women Human Rights Defenders on International Women’s Day 2019

    Because of their work for human rights, women human rights defenders challenge the traditional gender roles of the patriarchal society that keeps women in the domestic sphere. Consequently, women human rights defenders often suffer from serious public defamation campaigns that aim to damage their reputation, accusing them, among others, of neglecting their family or of being in search of sexual partners. In addition, women human rights defenders are often targets of attacks, threats and harassment, also of a sexual nature.

    Remarkable Women: Stand With Her

    Every day, more women all over the world are taking action to promote equality, peace and justice. It is these women who, whether they mean to or not, are transforming traditional gender roles and power structures by dedicating their lives to defending fundamental human rights. More and more, these extraordinary women are identifying themselves as human rights defenders. In general, it is said that women are doubly vulnerable, for being women and for defending human rights. However, they are strengthened by their determination to create positive change in our societies.

    Naomi Barasa, Kenya

    Born in an informal settlement on the outskirts of Nairobi, Naomi Barasa was a close witness to street violence, police brutality, impunity and the overwhelming inequality of the slums. Her journey as a human rights defender has embedded her in the struggle to improve living conditions for Nairobi’s 2.5 million slum dwellers. Naomi was instrumental in the campaign that led to the passage of the Sexual Offences Act in 2006, and has acted as Campaigns Manager for the Right to Adequate Housing with Amnesty International since 2009.


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