PBI is one of the world's leading NGOs working to protect organisations, human rights defenders and communities at risk. We provide life-saving support to human rights defenders in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.

PBI has been working to support human rights and promote nonviolence for 35 years. We send teams of international observers to areas of conflict and repression to stand shoulder to shoulder with local human rights defenders whose lives and work are under threat. Our presence has been shown to deter violence, persecution and even assassinations. Our work is based on principles of non-partisanship and non-interference, in the belief that lasting transformation of violent conflict cannot be imposed from outside but must be based on the capacity of local people to build a genuine peace. We act only at the express request of local people and it is they who determine where our assistance is most needed.

PBI UK, as one of 12 country groups in Europe and North America, is responsible for the vital support work that allows the field programmes – in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Kenya, Indonesia and Nepal – to operate smoothly. Its main areas of work are political support building, recruitment and training of volunteers, outreach, publicity and fundraising.